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IN THE BEGINNING                                                                                                      July, 2008

When we think of colonial our thoughts transcends to frontier America where we really do have many voices from that era, which are speaking forcefully today. I tend to think that the first colonial voices are even farther back than most people think of.

Christopher Columbus states he found these thoughts in his heart to sail west. So the 1400’s are a good departure stone for this country. Here is a man consumed with these foolish thoughts of a new world-a round world-and an even more absurd notion that he can go there himself, and mind you never having seen it first, except in the eye of the beholder, he did go there. What are you beholding?

Could I suppose to believe that this man was created for that sole specific purpose, and then he died in obscurity? Days, months, and even years passed by with struggles, trainings, and preparations for the day of his adventure to begin. Continually striving, pursuing, pushing: unwilling to allow adversities to turn him away, instead, pressing on until meeting with success. Resistance is a catalyst of strength!

If you keep on going you will get there, and you don’t know where you are going until you do get there.  History is full of examples for us who have proven this. I believe it has been said that all effort produces profit. Columbus was an ordinary man living an ordinary life, it seems, until he came to the time of his departure. The vessel was formed and taken off the potter’s wheel for noble purposes. Well done Mr. Columbus, for here we are today, America-Land of the Free.

We all know Columbus landed in the Caribbean first and northward exploration was slow. It almost seems that America was left to someone else in the earlier years. Everyone wanted a piece of this new land and here they came. It was like Sutters Mill—“gold fever”. What could hold them back now? I like to think things like that tend to teach an observant person not to sit passively on a rock and watch, but to activate his activity for the opportunity that is passing by.

I like the polar bear story that Sherrile Giles told me. If he crosses your path on the ice flow while foraging for food you may become his lunch. Keen, alert, and lean are necessary skills in the wild to survive. “Lazy and fat” make you a good candidate for his meal. You’ve heard the saying, “only the strong survive”, but you have to understand where the strength lies of those strong.

An answer for Mr. Columbus was the unveiling of America, a hidden country, which by the way, had been there all the time; for those who think nothing new can appear. It just took–a thought—a belief—an action. What is your thought? Your belief? Your action? Perhaps we can build upon these for our forefathers built this country from theirs. Many men had their own thoughts about what they wanted to do with this land, but somehow only a few succeeded and were given permission to prosper in line with the blueprint of this nation.

The next 100 years or so were very difficult and costly in lives, effort, and money. A lot of money!  One might ask, why so difficult and costly with so many lives lost by those of such sincere efforts?

Do you not stop and ponder that each pebble of our foundation is built with a human life; a loving father, or a faithful mother; pearls of crystallizing tears building layer upon layer of that foundation. Do not be so foolish oh intelligent and learned generation that we are, for the forces of this world are not with you but against you.

Consider the greatness of America in all it has extended to the world. How ruthlessly and contemptuously we are treated by our neighbors who bite the hand that feeds them. But we keep on giving anyhow, for such is our charter. God bless America because she blesses the world. I think the rules say what goes around comes around. A hard learned rule I have acquired is that life goes right on, not paying any attention to you whatsoever. Instead it is we that must pay attention or miss the opportunity we have come upon. You must seize the moment, for then it is over. Other similar ones may come but that one is gone forever.

Another is “water runs downhill! Any questions?  Even though we are so blessed, responsibility will catch up with us eventually. Wisdom is always crying out and he who listens will fare well. Individually, why do you exist? With that question answered, individually, what are you going to do?

Well I’ve detoured a bit, but back on track with our foundation. Put yourself into colonial times and look with your eyes of imagination at these people. Normal in every respect-trying to get by-make a living-get ahead-enjoy life-find a deal-strike it rich! How many of us have heard all these clichés? Now look again and watch them living their lives. Why you even know what is going to happen, because history gives you eyes and training they did not have. Come forward now and look at the lives of Americans, then go forward and peer into the future? What do you see? Surely you can use your trained historical eyes in this respect also. What about the opportunity appearing before you at this moment, as if an unseen hand were guiding your thoughts and next few steps you will take. Move your “feet” carefully--wisdom will grasp you and take you forward. In such fleeting moments decisions are made which change the course of history and lives of men.

Had America paid attention and acted appropriately, we may have avoided the Civil War. We must pay attention and we must begin to act to return to the path the forefathers began for us. While you were looking back in history, I am sure you saw people like yourself. They were all involved in the affairs of the day trying to live out their lives. Many had the wrong motives, were on the wrong path or in the wrong place, but historically what their actions caused was left to a higher set of dictates.

We can safely say that the plan for America today is still successful and the controls of our nation are now in the hands of this generation. Where will we steer her? Is the Captain steering the ship, or have we allowed the deck hands to take control? How disastrous that would be? It its inception, did the law allow right or wrong to be in power? Irresponsibility is the act of being self-centered and today most of our politicians and leaders are certainly that way. To say words is one thing, but the acts put forth speak what is truth.

A misdirected ship wanders, never reaching its port of call and eventually crashing. Our forefathers took control of a ship gone astray. They took it by force with right by their side, and averted this disaster. Many zealous men have wandered astray and shipwrecked their lives, and we can read about them all in history. I tell you again, historical data is one of the greatest assets of a living society. Interpreting it is relatively easy because their acts are cast in stone forever.

Bob Massie  

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