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AFTER THE DISCOVERY                                                             
August, 2008

We began this journey with Columbus. Like him, we are both sincere and dedicated in our intent. Real results require real efforts and sometimes superhuman strength. The integrity of our efforts will propel them into success. Lets examine some more of our foundation to see who succeeded, who went astray, and perhaps some reasons as to why

Columbus died in 1506, believing he had found Asia.  He was wrong, but we know that America had begun, just as was planned. All these things were carried out through hard work in the form of human efforts and resources, such as his endeavors to find financing, from Portugal first, England second, and finally with Spain. Even though a large portion of the finances came through the King and Queen of Spain, I might mention that much was from the economics of Italian bankers.

Columbus was an accomplished seaman and as reasons for his undertaking I quote from Columbus’s Book of Prophies; “It was the Lord who put it into my mind (I could feel His hand upon me) the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies”. Here again are thoughts, notions, and ideas at work. But it takes a “gutsy” person to carry them into reality.

The Spanish did lead the way and history most often leaves out the fact that he and many others trusted in God for their visions, their success, and most of all the very reasons they were even attempting things. All too often in our endeavors to do things, we leave out the power and strength needed to accomplish them. They, like us, are so quickly beset with wrong motives. It is as weeds, which grow up in our gardens to choke out the planted seeds. There is a constant correction in navigation efforts to stay on course. You must pull the weeds out of your gardens. To ignore the source of what we have is indeed foolish

A balanced diet is healthy and well founded. Our history books and today’s world should very well reflect this balanced diet. In doing so health and prosperity would belong to them, to you. The Spanish all too soon began to plunder this new world. Greed, it seems, latched mightily onto these conquistadors. Columbus began to search for gold immediately, and his letter to the Queen and King in 1494 was almost totally about gold. In the next few decades, Spain would become the world power, but what price would be to pay?

At the same time all this new discovery was transpiring, religious conflicts in Europe were burning fiercely, and like the “shot heard round the world”, the posting of Martin Luther’s thesis’s sparked the Protestant Reformation for sure. Men and governments began to think for themselves, moving out from under the bondages of religious systems.

Truth is on the move again, wrestling against the dark forces continuous battle for your ground. Nature teaches us that light is needful for food and life. Like the proverbial blade of grass which pushes its way through a crack in concrete do we also search for that light.

England turned Protestant and the true embryo of America began to grow. She decides it’s time to join the expeditions and expand her lands. Sir Walter Raleigh attempts a colony and the first white American is born as Virginia Dare, but destined to become one of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Undaunted, she launches her next attempt at settling “for the propagating of Christian religion to such people as yet live in darkness and miserable ignorance of the true knowledge and worship of God, and may in time bring infidels and savages living in these parts to human civility and to a settled and quiet government”. This statement was in King James I preamble to the Virginia Companies Charter. These were the attestations of typical noble and hypocritical political groups vying for the new world gold, laying such claims down in the name of good.

Was it chance the eastern coastline was left unsettled? Spain being preoccupied with southwest and Central America, the French with the north, and Portugal with the south left it largely unclaimed. With Protestantism taking hold in England, a bright ray of hope began to emerge. We view these happenings as a great cloud of witnesses, cheering on these would be ancestors of ours, as though there is any doubt to the outcome. Somehow we get caught up in the thrill of the moment. It’s like you were there, breathtakingly walking beside them, invisibly urging them not to give up, go this way, do this; and in the excitement of seeing your very nation unfolding, reality goes away and sweeps you up into this dreamlike rapture of imagination. You have control and sway over all, manipulating each action to conform to the success of history in your eyes. Hope fills one to overflowing emotions. Today, if we would only fill our imaginations with such thoughts and ideals, how great a nation would emerge from our efforts.

The first real settlement at Jamestown was a near disaster. How it emerged defies understanding. The men were as worse a lot as you could find. Their decisions matched their selfish desires and interests, woefully lacking proper ingredients for this type of undertaking. Of 480 people in August 1609, only 60 would remain by spring of 1610.

In 1620, the Pilgrims would land at Plymouth, having left England because of religious persecutions, going first to the Netherlands for 12 years of extremely hard testings. There they decided it was God’s will to go to America and found a new promised land, but with not enough resources to do so, they were at wits end. The London Company, struggling to find colonists for Virginia offered them a way as stockholders. Only a few of the group could afford to go at this time. Storms blew them to Cape Cod, far north of their destinations, but I think the providential hand was at work here too. This group had been tested and proved.

Filtering of these people continued until the group consisted of only the strong, dedicated, and colony oriented. The Pilgrims fared much better than Jamestown, mainly because their interests lay in the welfare of the group and their cause. They still lost 47 of the 102 who came. Jamestown, on the other hand, was interested in selfish desires and gold.

Here are two prime examples of our beginnings. Both emerged, yet most of our seeds of government came from the northern colony. The stories of Squanto and Somerset being stolen from their lands, much like the story of Joseph in Egypt, sold into slavery and returning some nine years later, just six months before that first hard winter of the Pilgrim colony, is too much for one not to believe in the providential hand at work here. Were it not for their help they surely might have perished.

Having been taught the white mans ways, they now taught the Pilgrims the Indian ways of planting corn, fishing, hunting, and the fur trade, which proved to be their salvation. More Pilgrims came and a successful, peaceful relationship with the Indians added much to their growth and livelihood.

The Mayflower Compact was not a government document, but a covenant among the people to care for each other and the general good of the colony. This document would embrace the same principles of later ones to come. Eventually Plymouth would annex itself to the Puritan and Separatists colony called the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded in 1629. These Puritans had little use for royalty. They also made a democratic constitution for governing themselves, but only adult male church members could vote.

They passed laws, levied taxes, and had representatives from each town to the General Court. These early documents and efforts were the seeds for the foundation stones of our constitution and other freedom documents. For the most part, two things prompted the settling of America, freedom from religious persecutions and oppression, and desire for material wealth. Which one do you think had the integrity for a nation? Mind you without material things we would perish, but when “gold” becomes idolatry, we are out of balance, the ship will tip, the waves will smash her, and the “unsinkable Titanic” will be sent to the bottom forever.

As for who came, who went astray, and why, lets now look. Spain brought a curse upon her lands and eventually lost them. Their rape and pillage, “for God and Gold”, has left seemingly impenetrable scars upon its people and countrysides. Central and South America are ravaged with poverty and wicked culprices. If we believe in the laws of blessing and cursing, we can view its consequential workings upon these lands in that whatever you sow, you shall also harvest. What payment is demanded by the judge of all men to requite this curse?

Even to America I would say, what will you have to pay for atrocities upon the Indians and slaves? There were good things left behind by each nation, but not enough to pay the cost of what they did. England, for greed, for selfish ambition, and persecution in the name of God, lost her new world in part. Judge for yourselves. Are we not each responsible for our actions? But individuals make up a nation and so the nation is itself responsible for the actions of its people. Leaders are always with us and rightly so are given that place and ability to govern, yet most often it is again self-interest which gets in the way, forgetting who owns the “Vineyard”.

What oppressive curses are on these souls that squeeze out the reflections of that spirit? What have we nurtured for some two centuries that is about to sprout and break out upon us? Perhaps we can delay the “payment” for a time by repair, restoration, and redeeming of those souls to be engulfed by eternity. Then the “Pitch Black” will come, and payment will have been made in full. Freedom is just what it says! Freedom to choose, to act, to live! Freedom was created with certain inalienable rights. Those people who fled oppression, religious freedom, and inopportunity formed this country. They came to a new world, and then they came to America, Land of the Free.

Here is what happened to America! We were the noblest nation upon the face of the earth, respected, admired, and longed for. Many men fought to keep us on the right path, but it was not enough. Ever since our creation, we have been come against time after time. Those have sought to destroy us, but our work is not completed therefore we are spared. Today, we are despicable in much of the eyes of the world. We have done this to ourselves, and with each generation adding to the death of our nation. Men still want to come here, but many have learned how to glean our vines well.

Read the history people. Wake up before it is too late. Dig for it and search it out. How will it move you? What will prompt you to action? My own nation is being destroyed and I cannot sit by and watch it happen. I have begun to work. What will you do? What will be your part? We are not one! We are many! Together we can change our nation. Alone, we will see it fall. We are America, and I will say that it has been given to our generation to restore and set aright the U.S. Constitution, and the foundational purposes of our America.

As we continue to develop this plan and this story, we are like the mustard seed. You will see it grow and prosper and you will begin to take note and you will begin to believe and see. I will just say this lastly; if God wrote the Ten Commandments, then surely He also wrote the U.S. Constitution. A weak arm will not get this job done, but only the strong arm of providential grace, through faith and work by men who still believe in integrity. In our next article we will begin to examine more closely our roots of government. While you are waiting, read some history.            

Bob Massie

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