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In our country are many treasures, often set apart and guarded through various means, such as glass cases or roped off areas where the particular treasure sits.  It is with this vision of a similar object, which I call a national treasure that I decided to form the organization of Colonial Voices.

After three years of meditating, searching, questioning and reading some history, I surmised that this treasure I was seeing could be none other than the US Constitution. Being firmly resolved of my interpretation of this vision, I now set forth to bring attention to our nation, this awesome document, and the foundation upon which they rest.

The U.S. Constitution!  It really is the supreme law of our land. It is the set of legal guidance’s through which our forefathers chose to build a foundation of democratic government, which would lead and protect those left, and the inheritors. Those left after a brutal war against oppression and bondage, but for the just cause of all men and women to whom this nation would reach across the years of her fruition and “child bearing”; her time and her opportunity, the inheritors being us who are alive today.

There were other inheritors, but their time and opportunity is past. They have gone on. Those who did something are remembered. Those who did nothing are as what they did, forgotten, not remembered or even recognized as being. To begin, we must  relearn those values and interpretations handed down to us by our incorporators.

To understand our constitution, we have to go back to those who wrote it, for into their hands was given the responsibility of beginning this nation. Before, say 1776, we were still bits and pieces, each searching for his place in the coming tapestry being woven by the lives of colonial men and women.

It is a most staggering and overwhelming project, which they undertook and accomplished. How great they were, our forefathers, foraging us into “One nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with  liberty, and justice for all.” Surely there must have been a greater author than these few frontiersmen, perhaps an invisible and imperceptible person. Throughout history men have made their mark, and others have seen and read true, for regardless of what they have done, it’s history reflecting truth and not necessarily intentions of men. We know them for what they were.

Only the truth prevails, whatever form it possesses. The authorities raised up in Colonial America were for our benefit. They not only existed, but their lives and where they lived were determined for purposes more noble than humanities have understood. I once heard a man say that we were blessed and the blessings were thoughts, notions, and ideas. So then, these men were blessed with these ingredients for a nation, set apart for such works as to astound human understanding. I’m sure one will ask who? Why Truth of course, one who stands alone, needing no support from others, unchanging, and unaffected by anything or anyone.

One other point I want to make in this brief introduction is this; why in the world are we? America! Why do you exist? And what task lies ahead? What has happened to our nation? Will a free people in the world awaken? Do the rules apply? Shall we continue to ignore the trends in our nation? At what cost? Will “Pitch Black” come upon us? Then may we begin this journey to a restored America?


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